Con Schedule

This is where I’ll be…as of today…for the rest of 2016 and some dates already booked in 2017.

If I and the other Comic Book Men aren’t coming to a con near you, and you want us, contact the con promoter in your neck of the woods and make a polite, enthusiastic request for our presence.

I’ll post schedules and special events as soon as I have information…but the absolute latest info will be posted before that, using time travel, on twitter @michaelzapcic and FB

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you!


Saturday, 9/24:  Crawford County Comic Con (C4) with Ming Chen


Thursday, 10/6:  New York Comic Con with Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Ming Chen & Kevin Smith (and likely assorted people from the show, Comic Book Men)

We’ll be doing a live panel in The Big Room — we think, 12:15 p.m. but please check the schedule.

Thursday, 10/27Sunday, 10/30:  Stan Lee’s Comikazee! with Ming Chen & Bryan Johnson.  While we’re in LA, we’ll be doing a few other really cool things…such as appearing on The Talking Dead.  Stay tuned for more details about the whole trip/schedule.


Friday, 11/11 – Sunday, 11/13:  Rhode Island Comic Con with Ming Chen

Saturday, 11/19 – Sunday, 11/20:  Heroes & Villains Atlanta with Ming Chen


Saturday, 12/10 – Sunday, 12/11:  Jekyll Con with Ming Chen & Bryan Johnson

Saturday, 12/17 – Sunday, 12/18:  WalkerStalker: Charlotte, North Carolina with Ming Chen & Bryan Johnson


Friday, 2/18 – Sunday, 2/20: PensaCon with Ming Chen

APRIL 2017

Friday, 4/7 – Sunday, 4/9:  Steel City Comic Con

Saturday, 4/15 – Sunday, 4/16: Edinburg Comic Con — That’s in Scottland! with Bryan Johnson and Ming Chen