Some of my most treasured childhood memories revolve around the video games, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Q*Bert.  Seeing a machine as pristine as the Asteroids game featured on this week’s episode snapped right back to the late 70’s.  This is a classic.  There is no other game like it.  Hand-eye coordination, getting a case of the “twitchies” from all the button-pushing…

Both the seller and the buyer made out well in this deal.  But the real winner was Walt and the Stash, getting $50 for doing nothing other than standing there talking to a guy about a game.

Next up were the Amazing Spider-Man comic books.  Walt purchased for the store the essential Spider-Man stories:  #101, first Morbius; #122 and #123, the death of Gwen Stacey and the Green Goblin; #129, the first appearance of The Punisher; #300, the introduction of Venom and ASM #36 Volume 2, the 9-11 issue.  These stories are the creme-de-la-creme of the Spider universe and are highly sought after.  

The GI Joe figures — and the Night Raven fighter jet are key pieces for any hardcore GI Joe collector.  While the box for the jet was slightly damaged, the actual toy is pristine and the footlocker containing the original series of Joes is hard to find in any condition, complete.  I think was a big score for the Stash.  This is not my area of expertise.  This is more Ming’s wheelhouse.  I grew up on the 13″ Joes.  I remember them when they were the Adventure Team.  

Finally, the Star Wars battle ships.  Again, this is Ming’s era and he really had a blast when these came in.  While I was a huge fan of the Millennium Falcon, by the time Kenner got around to making it, I had stopped playing with toys and was heavy into collecting books and comics.  These are huge, big-ticket items that are sure to please any Star Wars fanatic.

This week’s stuff was a mixed bag to be sure.  It tickled me that it was so Ming-centric, coming on the heels of our big sandwich win.  Way to go, Ming!  

And there ya go.


6 thoughts on “Stash-Teroids

  1. Here’s a question for the experts (this means you 😉 )…I remember a toy from my early childhood (so talking early/mid 70s) that I swear was a Justice League headquarters. I have tried to find anything about it online, but have comes up empty. Starting to doubt my memory/sanity. Ring any bells down there at the Secret Stash?

  2. Seemed like the Spider-Man guy sort of got ripped off. Unless all those books very in much worse condition than they looked.

    • When you walk into OUR store, the first thing Walt and I tell a prospective customer is that he will realize a MUCH greater profit if they take the time to list the books (or toys) on Ebay. People bring their stuff in to sell because they, A) want to be on TV; or B) need money quickly; or C) are too lazy to learn how to put stuff up on Ebay.
      Did the Spider-Man guy get ripped off? Absolutely not, because we gave him MORE than what most comic stores would give. He got 1/2 of what the Overstreet Price Guide stated those books were worth. Please realize that MOST stores give 1/4 to 1/3 of Guide prices, so we actually go over what other stores do…

      • The thing to remember when selling to a store is that they have to make a profit – sell to another collector and they’ll pay a lot more. Obvious.

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