Everyone needs a little bit of space that they can call their own…sometimes it can be a study, other times a simple bathroom. On this episode of CBM, the Stash’s newest hero carves out (literally)a little chunk of Gotham City real estate…but more on him in a minute.
Walt, Ming and I see an awful lot of merchandise walk through the door every day, but some items just snap us back to our childhood in an instant. The twelve original Star Wars figures with stand was just such an item.
Star Wars came out during the summer when I was nine years old, and I’ll let you in on a secret…I HATED SCI-FI. Honestly, I could not sit through a full episode of Star Trek, I loathed Space-1999, and I thought that Lost In Space was one of the MOST depressing shows ever. I did not see Star Wars for a full EIGHT MONTHS after it was in theaters. I remember all of my friends bugging their parents for Star Wars action figures for Christmas, even though they wouldn’t get them until February after. I also remember laughing to myself that I was going to clean up at Christmas because I had a clear field to all of the toys I wanted.
Geek Note- George Lucas approached The Mego Corporation about licensing Star Wars figures in their 8″ action figure line. Mego refused, and Lucas went to Kenner and brought about the 3 & 3/4 ” action figure revolution which is still in vogue to this day. Lucas also retained ALL merchandising rights from 20th Century Fox, a visionary move that netted him a fortune.
The Dakin Underdog figure is a bit of a rarity. I only ever saw that toy as a kid, and although I was a big Underdog fan, I never had it myself. This piece is in beautiful condition, having never been removed from it’s box. I spoke with Rob Bruce about it, and he told me he comes across one, usually loose and filthy from play-wear, about every four or five years. Even he was impressed with the condition of this Underdog.
Now, on to our BatCave owning new friend. The piece he was looking for, A Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises 1:6 scale Batman DX figure…This figure is the Rolls Royce of toys. It has MULTIPLE interchangeable heads, and one of those heads has a PATENTED feature in which, get this, Bruce Wayne’s eyes FOLLOW YOU. How insane is that? There is no wonder as to why this figure sold out BEFORE it hit stores and why it fetches upwards of $500 on the secondary market.
I must admit that I was kind of jealous that the fellas got to see the BatCave and I didn’t, but just knowing that someone out there loves his heroes as much as we do tickles me no end. I can only imagine the amount of time, money and passion this man must have put into this project, and the patience and understanding of his wife. Kudos, my friend! I tip my cowl to you.
Now if I can only convince MY wife to let me build a basement with Bat Poles and an Atomic Pile…
And there ya go!


6 thoughts on “Bat(Man)Cave!

  1. Surprised to learn you hated sci-fi. You and I are on the same page with Superman, and isn’t he an alien? I’m older than you and my daily ritual growing up was watching George Reeves/Superman. I still can recite that opening monologue verbatim after all these years. It’s my own personal “Pledge of Allegiance”. Glad you guys are back on, but that midnight time slot is a head scratcher. I tape the show and watch it the next day. (Yes, I said tape, as in VHS tape.)

  2. I was surprised at that Hot Toys figure. Maybe I have to see one up close,but I didn’t think it was worth 4-500 dollars. I would expect a material bat-suit. It just looked like another cheap plastic figure.

  3. i remember as a kid owning SOOO much of the Star wars stuff, the figures the vehicles, everything. i must have had fifty storm troopers alone, in various states of distress (melted face, flattened rubbed off face, ink coloured face, you get the picture) this was my army, the more distressed guys at the front the pristine guys at the back, just for show really. i had the Luke and Han storm troopers. tho they were just high ranking generals in my game. i remember some of the epic day long battles i would have. alliances would change, armies would be crushed. snow men would spring surprise attacks with sand people and at the end Guido would always save the day (it’s MY story)

    i also remember the day that i came home from school and my mum had thrown my entire collection away, as she “thought i was too old”…

    sadness and delight is pretty much even when i see the show and the things people bring in, i wonder what ever happened to my collection and if i’d kept it, what it could have been.

  4. I definitely have to agree on the sci-fi thing. I was seven before I really got into Sci-fi and it was through Star Wars but only because I wanted my own Ewok and Wookie sidekicks. Got to admit, it would be awesome. I’m twenty eight now and still don’t feel the sci-fi thing as much nor into superheros like the guys from Marvel or DC. The Maxx by Sam Kieth of Image Comics was my big passion into the comicbook world. Really something about a ‘delusional’ homeless guy who finds a connection with a girl and does what’s necessary to make sure she’s safe at all cost.

  5. Dear Mr Zapcic, How dare you sir impune the televison series Lost in Space. Depressing? My dear sir, don’t you realize the theatrical performances on that show were a virtual tour de force? Why, the very idea. We were all trained thespians. Please, don’t be a cartiilagenous, cantankerous, cankerous, cask of kooky talk. You remind me of a bubble headed booby whom I once had the misfortune of being marooned with. And with that, I bid you a good day sir, a good day indeed. – Oh the pain…….the pain.

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