Batcycle On Broad…

I’ll be the first to admit that we get a LOT of cool items that come to the Stash, but that could be said of many comic stores.  But we get really funky stuff that heads our way. Case in point: the brothers who brought us The Batcycle. There was a whole lot of love that went into customizing that cycle, and a TON of sweat that went into fixing up that sidecar/Robin-gocart. When you consider, seven thousand dollars really isn’t too much as an asking price (to anyone OTHER than Walt.) It was pretty cool to play Robin to Bryan’s Batman, and we did cut pretty dashing figures cruising the mean-streets of Red Bank.

Up next was the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four board game from 1977. I remember seeing the box art by John Romita Sr. as a kid and falling in love with it. The only problem was that it was NEVER sold at any of the toy places my parents took me to, so finding it was next to impossible.  Turns out I really didn’t miss anything. It never fails to make me laugh at how to the bone Bryan can cut sometimes, with his “it’s so ghetto” comment. Milton-Bradley spared MUCH expense making this game as boring and un-interesting as possible, not shelling out one dime more than they already had licensing Spidey and the F.F., with crappy(made-up) villain names like LionFace. Personally, I think Walt paid $20 more than he should have for this game.

Then came the F.O.O.M. guy…now this was interesting. Back in the early-to-late ’70s, the only way for a comics fan to get a peek forward at what was coming out was through fanzines dedicated to a favorite comics. One of the most famous back then was “The Legion Outpost” a fan magazine for fans, published BY fans.  But then, editors at both Marvel and DC got the bright idea to publish their own magazines to cater to the fans, and thus Friends Of Ol’ Marvel was born, along with Amazing World of DC Comics.

With F.O.O.M. however, you got ALL of the goodies: a membership card, a certificate, an exclusive poster, plus you got to see what was coming out in print six months down the line! You felt like the ultimate insider, with the entire Marvel Bullpen at your fingertips. Walt got a great deal on these magazines.

Ming is a HUGE “Back To The Future” fan, and I knew he was thrilled that the Christopher Lloyd-signed OUTTATIME plate came in. This was a pretty cool piece, in that this iteration was ONLY sold at Universal Studios in California, and that the elusive Doc Brown doesn’t traditionally hit the Convention circuit all that often. Five Hundred Bucks is a little steep of an asking price, especially since the guy who signed it is still alive and kicking.

Some cool swag passed through the doors this week, and some couldn’t even fit! But we usually pick up some stuff that makes us, and our customers happy. 

And there ya go!




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