Superman’s 75th Birthday Bash!


Comic Book Men returns with a WHOLE lot of geeky goodness, fresh off of our mid-winter hiatus!  And we kick it off with The Secret Stash’s own 75th Birthday Party in honor of Superman.  

In our first transaction, Walt is reminded by a customer trying to buy a 75th birthday present for his father, that Superman, too, turned 75 this year.  The Superman item that this gentleman picks up is a Chemtoys Superman figure.  It has exactly ZERO points of articulation and actually didn’t even really look like Clark Kent.  Chemtoys, based out of Cicero, Illinois, was originally a cleaning supply company who revolutionized the toy industry back in the 1940’s by mass producing bubble solution for solution.  Remember that little dip and blow from your childhood?  That was them!

They also produced poorly made novelty toys back in the day when licensing was cheap (and fairly unregulated).  The gentleman paid $125 for it and he got a great deal.  These are NOT easy to come by and go for almost twice as much on online auction sites.  

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Walt this excited about cosplay, especially cosplay when HE is participating.  His idea for us to dress up as Superman’s supporting cast was an inspired one, and we came up with some really obscure characters that no one would have recognized, like Mon-El, Superboy’s “brother” from the planet Daxam, or the Phantom Zone villains such as Jax-Ur, Faora, Kru-El, and so on….but no one wanted to paint themselves all white.  

Our second transaction, Lois Lane #106.  In the 1970’s, spurred on by the success of their socially relevant Green Lantern/Green Arrow run by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams where they tackle such topics as racism, religion and social consciousness, DC Comics decided to branch out and have Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane, take on racism.  Using Superman’s “Plastimold” machine, Lois turns black for a day.     

I think it’s really cool that a young comic geek would come in looking for this issue.  It’s always fun to geek out with a fellow Superman fan and talk about the impact of comics in the lives of readers — especially those issues that seek to open up conversations and take a stab at starting a little ‘trouble’. 

Now for the Superman party.  Eagle-eyed fans of Comic Book Men will notice some familiar faces in the background of the Superman Bash.  I will point some out that you do not know — my beautiful wife was on hand in her red dress, and you can hear her laughs peppered throughout the scene.  Fans of Tell’em Steve Dave will recognize Git’em Steve Dave in his trademark hat.  I had other family there, three of my brothers and their wives, and my niece Erin and nephew Ian.  

But my favorite question of the night was Sunday Jeff’s about Teri Hatcher(“Are they real, and are they spectacular?!?”).  That boy’s a riot.  

And as far as Superman, himself, Dean Cain is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.  In between filming, I got to speak with him and found out that he’s passionate about supporting our troops and visits Afghanistan on a regular basis.  He’s also a devoted father and we can’t thank him enough for taking time out and hanging with us. 

One last thing.  Ming and I really don’t have a hot tub in the basement.  If you want to know where we REALLY keep the hot tub, stop by the Stash, 35 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ….

And there ya go.



8 thoughts on “Superman’s 75th Birthday Bash!

  1. When I was over in the US last year I managed to watch the entire run of CBM that had been aired up to that point. Being in the UK I can’t find any broadcaster that shows it which is frustrating, however I loved the 2 and a bit series that I did see. Hopefully we get it over here soon (or if it is here, hopefully it gets advertised better so I know where to find it)

    Also, this page needs a “follow” option for updates of new blogs.

  2. When Kevin named the various actors who have played Superman, he neglected to mention New Jersey’s own Kirk Alyn who first played him on the big screen. We’re all native Jersey boys (I’m from Paterson) and we got to stick up for our own! Love the show. Glad it’s back. (BTW, also a big Superman fan and have Mr. Alyn’s autobiography.)

  3. Mike
    My daughter and I both enjoyed this weeks show. It’s funny you should mention stopping by the Stash. I am taking each of my children on an overnight road trip this summer of their choosing. Well she wants to travel from NH to the Stash. I figure we would make an overnight of the trip. Can you offer any advice on making a trip to Red Bank? Thanks for the time Steve

  4. Can I make a complaint that you aren’t featured near enough in the show – especially at the “roundtable” discussion. I like Walt, but I think they should feature you more in the transactions of the show – you bring a level of knowledge to it that Walt doesn’t always bring. Maybe it is more in the delivery and less than the knowledge.

  5. Dean Cain also has a NJ connection. He played football at Princeton, and came this close to being a pro till he hurt his knee. If not for this injury, he may never have ever played Superman. Something to ponder while lying in bed staring at the ceiling trying to go to sleep.

  6. I thought maybe Bob Holiday, who played Superman on Broadway in 1966 and lives in Hawley, PA, might have been coming by. What a SUPER (pun intended) fellow, a genuinely very nice gentleman, and I’m proud to call him friend. Let me know iff you ever need him..and keep up the great work. (40 year radio veteran–Follow on Twitter @GaryMusicMiller)

  7. ‘geeky goodness’ should be the new standard of tv critical ratings. great recap of the bash….all good things for continued Comic Book Men success (and yes, they are spectacular….)

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