Uhura’s Uhura


You just KNOW it’s going to be a fun episode when Ming starts off talking about Dr. Manhattan’s…umm, blue junk. I have absolutely NO idea why they scare him so much, but hey…that’s Ming!
As you may have guessed from This week’s title, we have a VERY special guest walk through the doors of the Secret Stash…none other than Lt. Uhura herself, Nichelle Nichols! More on the sweet siren of the spaceways later…
Our first item that walked through the door was Dark Helmet’s Pith Helmet from the movie “SpaceBalls” written and directed by Mel Brooks. I loved this movie, but even I didn’t see it TEN times…and I remember the scene this was in very well…it was classic Mel!
The gentleman who brought it in wanted $6000 for it. Unfortunately, without any paperwork to verify that this was an actual screen used prop, it’s basically just a really cool conversation piece. I’ve said it before, but unless you can authenticate a prop, it holds very little value.
“SpaceBalls” was one of Mel Brooks’ funnier parodies. The adventures of LoneStar, Barff, Princess Vespa and Yogurt hold up well even to this day, especially Pizza the Hut.
The next customer came in looking for X-Men #101, the first time Jean Grey appears as the Phoenix. Bryan constantly razzes me for my love for the character Jean Grey, but to me, she embodied my pre-pubescent dream girl. Bright, beautiful, spunky and powerful…who WOULDN’T fall for a girl like that? I found it quite charming that this young lady empathized with Jean the way she did, and that comics, as a medium, helped her around her dyslexia.
He-Man was not a part of MY childhood, but it tickles me to no end that Ming has such a distaste for the character, as He-Man was such a BIG part of the 80s, which was HIS childhood era. Just the way in which Ming speaks with such venom about the characters that inhabit the He-Man universe makes me laugh. Being a comic geek (albeit one who could pass for normal, sometimes) we should, as Kevin puts it, make room at the table for EVERYONE.
This NECA piece was well sculpted, and updated for the new millennium, with a new haircut and codpieces. It retailed for $275, so Walt made him a more than fair offer.
Now, onto our special guest. It’s no secret that, amongst the Comic Book Men, I am the lone Star Trek fan. I can honestly say that I only became a real fan when I was 13 or 14. It was around this time that a local TV station (WPIX, for those who are curious) started airing episodes at Midnight. Kevin explains the argument of Star Trek versus Star Wars very succinctly and very well: Trek was about fostering diplomacy, while Wars was about ACTION. The logic behind the philosophy of Starfleet appealed to me- “To boldly go…” It was about EXPLORING, something I thought to be so cool.
So with that in mind, you can only imagine my surprise and delight to find Nichelle Nichols standing in the middle of the Stash. It was a really tough assignment, finding an Uhura Mego Mint on Card, but we do have contacts all over the state, and Ming and I shook the branches of every one of ’em.
Ming made it with a minute to spare.
Also surprising was that Bryan ACTUALLY had some cash on him. I think he made out (no pun intended) quite well, and I have NO IDEA what to make of the fact that Nichelle went for a double dip of the Johnson! Congrats, Bry, that may be the only time I’ll ever be jealous of you.
As always, thanks for readingg and tuning in.
And there ya go…


3 thoughts on “Uhura’s Uhura

  1. hows the collection going? I’m sure that some stuff that comes in, makes you miss or think of some of the stuff sandy took from you. sorry to here about it , but I’m glad your rebuilding and that you didn’t let it beat you. Cheers

  2. Hi Michael: Enjoyed the Uhura episode, (as I do all of CBM).

    But I have to ask: How much of it is set up in advance? I mean, nobody who walks in ever looks at the cameras and asks “what’s going on here?”. Nichele Nichols just walks in and you are the only one who recognizes her?

    So, here is my problem with this episode. Nichele looks genuinely miffed that Walt didn’t just hand over the Uhura figure becuase she was the star who played Uhura. Now I would like to think that that was scripted for her, and is not becuase she is a prima donna after all these years. I would be very disapointed to find out that she genuinely thought you should give her a $150 item out of the goodness of your own hearts. Especially after all the trouble you went through to get it for her.

    I don’t know how much money she has saved up over the years, but she probably could have covered the cost ten times over by dropping one of those rings on the desk.

    Anyway, love the show and have watched every episode.

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