In The Gutter…

My man Bryan Johnson is absolutely right…I miss the made-for-TV Horror movie of the 1970s and early 80s.  There was a subtle cheesiness about them that that can NOT be captured in this day and age.  Many have tried, all have failed. But I digress.

Walt purchased a Batman Bowling Ball. That’s all it took to set in motion a series of events that would have DIRE consequences for all of the staff at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.  But more on that later.

Those close to Walt Flanagan know how much he loves the old Universal Monsters, and when the First issue of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” walked through the doors of the Stash, Walt lit up like a tilted pinball machine. This was the magazine upon which ALL other horror mags measured themselves. Launched by Publisher Jim Warren and Editor (and MONSTER fan extraordinaire) Forrest Ackermann, it jumped on the bandwagon of Monster movies being released on television, and capitalized on the trend. Walt made a pretty sweet deal for these three books.
The Punisher Shape Shifter…there’s a LOT I could say about this transaction, and all of it bad. The fact that you have a projectile coming out of the Punisher’s crotch is bad enough, but the truly horrific thing about this toy is that the crotch thing is ONLY at the half-way point of the transformation. Do an internet search for the FINAL transformation, and you’ll see where the projectile is SUPPOSED to come out. The boys bought it, and now I have to look at it…EVERY DAY.
Now, let me say a few things about the Clerks team; Each and every one of them is a fantastic person. Brian O’Halloran is a very funny, self deprecating gent whom I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with at a few Comic Cons. Little known fact about Scott Sciaffo: He writes poetry-and very well may I add! Ernie O’Donnell put my house back together after it got slammed by Superstorm Sandy. And Jay, well, he’s…Jay. He moves like a blender with the lid taken off.
They are competitive bowlers and fun to hang around. While it’s true that we’re not as win-hungry as Walt, I think you’ll agree that we acquitted ourselves pretty well. I’ll let you decide if I got robbed.
And there ya go…


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